THE VIKING HOSTAGE published 1 September 2014

My second novel, The Viking Hostage, will be published by Impress Books on 1 September 2014. The novel is set in 10th century Wales (modern day Pembrokeshire) and in the Limousin in France. It weaves together the lives of three women: a Norwegian slave and two French noblewomen, and considers the concepts of freedom and bravery. If you would like to join my mailing list for information on this and future publications, launch and reading events, please send your email address to

I am attending a Viking Symposium at Birmingham University this weekend where the speakers include the curator of the current Viking exhibition at the British Museum. More on the symposium in my next blog. At last year’s Viking symposium held in Nottingham, I discovered that there is some rather obscene Viking graffiti in the Maeshowe burial chamber on the Orkneys! I also encountered some great research by experts such as Judith Jesch which I drew on in writing The Viking Hostage, especially her books on viking poetry and viking ships and men. Since my third novel, which has the working title Jorunn, will also focus on medieval Norse contact with Wales and Norman England, I’m hoping the symposium will give me more useful material to work with.

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