Frontiers in Retreat

View from Farrera in the Catalan Pyrenees to the village of Alendo
View from Farrera in the Catalan Pyrenees to the village of Alendo

Frontiers in Retreat is a project addressing ecological issues through art-led research 2014-2018, working through a network of 8 partners across Europe I am undertaking a series of writer’s residencies as part of the project. CENTRE D’ART I NATURA, FARRERA, SPAIN October-November 2014 I am currently writer-in-residence in the ancient and tiny village of Farrera, high in the Catalan Pyrenees. I will be starting a series of blogposts from Farrera in the next few days. JUTEMPUS, LITHUANIA 2014-2018 I am writer-in-residence with Jutempus in Lithuania. We will be launching a website for the Jutempus part of the project, Zooetics, in November 2014 with an Active Glossary and Reading Group. We are presenting a series of lectures by leading thinkers at Kaunas University of Technology in December 2014 which will start a process of unpacking contemporary concepts of The Anthropocene, Nature and Interspecies and consider new conjunctions between these ideas. HIAP, SOUMENLINNA ISLAND, HELSINKI, FINLAND January-February 2015 I will be in residence at HIAP next year. Search under Frontiers in Retreat for all my posts on the topic.

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  1. I heard you speak last weekend at the Parisot Literary Festival and enjoyed your talk. I’m currently reading Almodia…interesting read made more so by the ‘local’ connections to our area. I’m looking forward to your posts from the Pyrenees!

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