Birds and bees

Centre d'Art i Natura, Farrera, Catalan Pyrenees
Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera, Catalan Pyrenees

Woken this morning by a bird – a Great Tit – that had flown into the window and was panicking. Last week I had a Redstart in my bedroom in France. Living inside out or outside in. Listened to Arnau Obiols’ CD Projecte Pirene, making music with nature, which Quelic Berga lent to me. Another beautiful blue skies day. At the market in Sort, we talked with a man selling honey about the environmental problems being experienced now by bees. Planning to make a trip next week to the small church of Sant Pere del Burgal in Pallars Sobira, one hour away, where there are 11th century frescos of Llucia de la Marca, who was the Countess of Pallars Sobira and the sister of the heroine of my first novel, Almodis. I am trying to find out about mining iron, farming, food, medicine, here in the Pyrenees in the early middle ages. Writing requires immersion, continuity over some time, free from distraction, so it is very good to be here. This is all possible here.

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  1. Just finished reading Almodis’ and I’m hooked on this amazing woman! No wonder Eleanor of Aquitaine was such a powerhouse…she came from good genes. Would love to see the frescoes you mention.

  2. Laura Degenhardt says:

    May the undisturbed writing time continue, Tracey. I loved The Viking Hostage, and can’t wait for sequels!

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