Wind, Water, Bees

Tuula Narhinen, Cometa
Tuula Narhinen, Cometa

The three artists in residence at Centre d’Art i Natura in Farrera, including myself, gave presentations on our work in progress to a local audience on Friday 24 Oct. The room was crowded and there was a very good dialogue with the people who came along. We are doing quite different things. Tuula Narhinen from Finland is flying a home-made kite camera rig to find a way to image the wind, and she has been creating a watercolour palette of the colours around us in the environment. Quelic Berga from Spain has been working on an installation about the environmental threat to the honeybee and a project using spirals for data visualisation of ecological information. I am working on a forthcoming book addressing art and geography called Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture and on two new novels – one historical set partly here in Farrera, and one future fiction concerning rising sea levels and drowned coastal settlements and infrastructure.

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