Moon Mountain, Fire Mountain

Anna Rubio. Photo: Quelic Berga
Anna Rubio. Photo: Quelic Berga

Watched two of Anna Rubio’s beautiful and moving dance films, one made during her Frontiers in Retreat residency in Latvia. She is working with sites – the valley and mountains here, or old neglected stone steps in Latvia, and with natural materials – sheeps fleece, leaves, water, and her dance has a quality of antiquity in the way it relates to the surrounding natural environment. She uses her moving body as a way to sensuously explore environments and uses ephemeral sculptural elements such as a wool web strung in trees that she danced within in one film.

Anna Rubio, Clarobscur. Violin: Christian Risgaard. Film: Quelic Berga.

Quelic Berga was working late nights to send material for his Frontiers in Retreat exhibition in Serbia which opened yesterday with work on dwindling bee populations and the spiralling patterns of nature. I walked round to Alendo with Quelic to help take pictures of his God/Google installation. Between the artists and curators that are coming into contact in the Frontiers in Retreat project, and the artworks being made and in process, we are starting to describe what the project is.

A large herd of cream-coloured cows ambled through the village yesterday, with their white calves running to keep up besides them, and their herder behind with a long stick and the odd whistle. I guess they are moving to lower winter pastures. It’s good to see them when you hear their bells all the time and can’t always find them in the landscape. I heard that this place was known a long, long time ago as Moon Mountain. There is a story that the mountains are called the Pyrenees because of Hercules’ rape of Pyrene and her horrible death here, but I like to think it might be instead because of the fire of the sunsets, or the autumn blush.

20 sunset

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