Zoo Stories – Creative Writers – Call for participation

Writers including Karen Joy Fowler, Franz Kafka and Ian McEwan have used fiction to reach across the human/non-human life divide. As part of the Zooetics project, we are developing radio broadcasts inspired by Kaunas Zoo, incorporating short fiction texts by creative writers based in Lithuania. Engaging with animals at the zoo, talking with zookeepers and other staff with an intimate knowledge of the zoo inhabitants, the writers might consider animal sensorium, extinction, animal architectures and other topics inspired by the zoo. Texts can be written in Lithuanian or English.

The first part of the project will take place on Saturday 3 October 2015 10am – 12 noon at the zoo. If you are interested in participating please email zooetics@gmail.com, with ZOO STORIES as the subject of your email, no later than 28 September 2015.

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