Summer Writing Weeks in France

I will be teaching on residential writing weeks in south-west France in June and July run by ‘A Chapter Away’ at the fabulous Miradoux House. Please do forward information to anyone you know who might be interested to attend. I am leading the July course on historical fiction:

Playing with Time: Writing Historical Fiction 6 – 12 July 2016
Five day course developing your historical fiction writing with workshops by award-winning novelists Tracey Warr and Natalie Meg Evans on research for historical fiction, creating your fictional world and characters, plotting, beginnings and endings, language and dialogue. Publisher Richard Willis from Impress Books and the Impress Prize will work with you on proposals and submissions, how to present yourself and your ideas to publishers and agents, and we will discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing. The tutors will share their experiences and tips for developing a writing career and we will spend time focussing on your own manuscripts in progress. Whether you are just starting out or have a near-finished draft, whichever era you are writing about – from the ancient to the early 20th century, the course will help push your project on in new directions.

The June courses are:

Novel & Memoir 12-18 June 2016
Examining the fine line between memoir, autobiographical fiction and a writer’s first novel, considering common themes between novel and memoir: characterisation, narrative thrust, dialogue and structure. Looking at the world of literary fiction and memoir publishing, examining what agents and publishers are looking for, what sells. Course includes writing exercises, tuition on work in progress, preparing a plan of action for the coming months. Course tutors are agent Andrew Lownie and authors Jane Dormer and Amanda Hodgkinson; guest speakers are author Liz Jensen and lyricist, Danny Wright.

Magical Dialogue 19-25 June 2016
Taking a fresh look at dialogue and the art of making a character sound ‘real’, examining what makes ‘good’ dialogue and how dialogue can be used to increase or slow pace. An original piece of writing will be produced and performed on the final night. Amanda Hodgkinson will lead the group in storyboarding an idea. With Gerard Barbe you will examine the structure of novel and film, identifying cross-over points between them. With tutor Tracey Warr you will consider dialogue in historical drama and fiction. Guest speaker, lyricist Danny Wright, will consider how to tell a tale in three minutes.

The week-long courses cost £1,000 each including tuition, accommodation and full board, but not including travel and can be booked on:

A Chapter Away

If enquiring or booking please mention that you heard about the courses via Tracey Warr.


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