The Future of Education and Learning


Sun 29 April 12 noon at Hex (Studio 30), Dartington, Devon, UK

I am taking part in a public discussion on the future of education and learning as part of a weekend of events celebrating the lives of Carito and Marina Rodriguez who came to Britain as child refugees during the Spanish Civil War and went on to contribute hugely to life in Dartington and Totnes.

The discussion is focused on the ‘experiment in education’ at Dartington. It is chaired by Alan Boldon, Interim Director of Learning Innovation at Dartington, and the other participants are Mark Dunhill (former Dean of Art at Central Saint Martin’s College and Dartington School alumni) and Jonathan Dawson, Coordinator and Senior Lecturer at Schumacher College. I was previously Director of Arts Management and MA Contemporary Arts Course Leader at Dartington College of Arts and Guest Professor on the Public Art MFA at Bauhaus University in Weimar, which occupies the original Bauhaus site.

The event is free. Further details.



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  1. Would it be possible to link this Dartington blog as an introduction to the blog that I have done about the event?

    1. traceywarr says:

      Hello, your thoughts on the event I participated in and the weekend at Dartington as a whole are very interesting to read. Your blog looks fascinating. I would be happy if you want to link to my blog. However, please note that I am an independent writer and teacher, and this is not a ‘Dartington blog’. Otherwise, great! Yes, please.

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