Frontiers in Retreat

30516572_891676084346254_1133193513241464247_nFor the last five years I have been a participant in the art and ecology research project, Frontiers in Retreat. The project engaged with a range of sites across Europe and involved 25 artists and 8 curatorial organisations. Research in the project took me to the Catalan Pyrenees (with CAN), to Finnish islands (with HIAP) and to Lithuania, Iceland  and Cambridge, US (with Jutempus).

My own research outcomes included:

A series of three books called The Water Age (published by Meanda Books), which are collections of short future fictions and workshop exercises for adults and children;

The Midden (published by Garret), which I co-edited. The Midden includes essays by me, Jenni Nurmenniemi, Antti Salminen, Taru Elfving, Jussi Parikka and short texts by future fiction writer, Emma Itaranta;

Participation in the Edge Effects exhibition with CAN

The Zooetics project in collaboration with Jutempus, which included lectures by Keller Easterling, Matthew Fuller, Caleb Harper, Natalie Jeremijenko, Jae Rhim Lee, Timothy Morton, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Christian Schwagerl, Territorial Agency, and Skylar Tibbits; projects on mycelium, algae, and bacteria; and culminated in a symposium at MIT.

The Frontiers in Retreat booklet is available to download. And more on the project here.

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