Future Fiction Workshop

New Continuum J 2
Original image from NASA Mars Exploration Rover. Manipulated image – Alan Smith

The Continuum project is bringing art and science together via the bridge of speculative literature. The project is organised by Allenheads Contemporary Arts, the only arts venue in the UK with an astronomical observatory. Continuum was launched last night in Newcastle with presentations by artists and interactions with the International Space Station.

As part of this project, I will be leading a future fiction workshop in May in Hexham, with my colleague, Rob La Frenais. Start with a town like Hexham; consider current social, political, environmental, technological conditions; now add 200 years. How might we project into the future and create a credible future world? Will our characters living in the future be the same as us, interact in the same ways, or might there be emotional and psychological changes to take into account? What future narratives do we want to write and why? Which fantasy and speculative fiction writers have inspired us? More details on the workshop coming soon.

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