Writing the future

Water Age 1 cover hi resI am leading a writers’ workshop on Writing the Future in Hexham on Sunday, 5 May 2-5pm, together with curator Rob La Frenais. The workshop is part of the Hexham Book Festival.

Bring your ideas about the future and develop your narratives with us. Start with a place; consider current social, political, environmental, technological conditions; now add 200 years. How might we project into the future and create a credible future world? What future narratives do we want to write and why? Which fantasy and speculative fiction writers have inspired you?

The event is taking place at The Phil & Lit, 7 Hallstile Bank, Hexham. Tickets are £20 and can be booked here.

The workshop is part of Allenheads Contemporary Arts’ project Continuum, which brings art and science together via the bridge of speculative literature.

My future fiction is collected in The Water Age and other fictions. Rob La Frenais is working on a new book about art on the moon for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings. He was the first curator to experience zero gravity on a parabolic flight from Star City in Moscow.

The full programme for the Hexham Book Festival is here. The many highlights include fellow Continuum participant Pete Edwards talking on A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe on Sat 4 May; a talk and workshop by Sarah Moss on Sat 4 May and a talk by fellow Impress author Annabel Abbs on Sun 5 May.


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