Writing the Future Workshop

‘On exoplanet 55555b Frank span around, hearing something big in the water near a lilypatch, but missed sight of it.’

Writing the Future workshop, Sun 5 May 2-5pm, Hexham Book Festival, www.hexhambookfestival.co.uk

‘The thrill of an empty planet to do better with.’

‘Wealths lining their pockets for their exoplanet escape. Capitalism is cannibalism.’

‘It was standing in the water looking directly at him. Tiny nose and ears flat against a sleek dark head; extraordinary turquoise eyes.’

‘She plugged her mycelium translator into a dangling sugary fruit. Charging would take a while.’

‘The first rank of Meandans reached shallow water, began to wade. A hundred more heads breached, patches of crusted salt on their cheeks.’

Extracts from The Water Age and other fictions


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