Impressive Books

My publisher, Impress Books, has changed hands. Immense thanks to Richard Willis who founded Impress Books and launched my career as a published historical fiction novelist. And hello, Jeff Collyer, who has taken over and has lots of exciting plans in the pipeline for the Impress Books list. Thank you, too, to my fellow Impress Books authors who are full of such camaraderie, as well as being astonishing writers. Here are some of their recent books.

My next medieval novel, The Anarchy, is out with Impress Books in June and can be preordered now. The Anarchy is the final book in a trilogy on the struggle between the Welsh and the Normans, focused on the life of the Welsh noblewoman, Nest ferch Rhys.

If you start now with book 1 – Daughter of the Last King – you should be ready for book 3 by June. Blogger Poppy Coburn declared: ‘I practically inhaled the contents of this book.’

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