Call Centre is an art research project inviting people to share their experiences of this time of COVID-19 and how it has impacted on lives and creative processes. The project is curated by Alan Smith and Helen Ratcliffe at Allenheads Contemporary Arts. I am working on the project, together with writer Martyn Hudson Watts and artists Annie Carpenter, Kerry Morrison, Helmut Lemke, Ben Ponton, and Andrew Wilson.​

I am reflecting on being and getting home and on the sense of momentum and time in dialogue with three ‘correspondents’: JR Carpenter, Nuno Sacramento, and Alan Smith. 

In his post ‘Out of the Seemingly Chaotic’ Alan Smith writes on his return to drawing after a 25 year absence: ‘in some ways I had rediscovered a way of creating order without the stress of striving for a known objective’.

I am carrying out a series of interviews on diverse journeys into a new paradigm in these times. The first interviews are posted on the Call Centre site now:

What we really need as humans

An interview with Lucas and Ana, who have begun a new life living on a narrow boat.

The Big Pause

An interview with Jack, a young writer whose first pieces of writing have been published during lockdown.  

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