Conquest 3 – The Anarchy

Conquest 3 – The Anarchy

Impress Books

Publication date: 2 June 2020

pb ISBN 9781911293101

eb ISBN 9781911293446

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In 1121 the Welsh princess, Nest, is unhappily married to the Norman constable of Cardigan Castle. She becomes increasingly embroiled in the Welsh resistance against the Norman occupation of her family lands. She visits King Henry in England hoping to secure a life away from her unwanted husband.

Grieved and stressed at the death of his son, the King is obsessed with relics and prophecies and under increasing pressure to name his successor. In Normandy, Sheriff Haith distracts himself from the fact that Nest is married to another man by following clues surrounding the mystery of the drowning of the King’s heir in the wreck of The White Ship.

As Haith tries to piece together fragments of the tragic shipwreck in which 300 young Norman nobles died in the English Channel, he discovers a chest full of secrets, but will the revelations bring a culprit to light and aid the King? Will the two lovers be united as Nest fights for independence and Haith struggles to protect King Henry?