List of published writings on art

I write in the vicinity of art, often working closely with contemporary artists. My writing on art includes:

2016 ‘Willem de Kooning Non-Stop by Rosalind Krauss’, Times Higher Education, 29 April.

2015 Co-Editor with Bruce Gilchrist & Jo Joelson, Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture, London: Routledge.

2015 ‘Picture Titles by Ruth Bernard Yeazell’, Times Higher Education, 8 October.

2015 ‘Paul Klee: The Visible and the Legible by Annie Bourneuf’, Times Higher Education, 3 September.

2015 ‘Still Lives: Death, Desire and the Portrait of the Old Master by Maria H. Loh’, Times Higher Education, 25 June.

2015 ‘Mark Rothko’s Chapel’, Times Higher Education, 2 April.

2015 ‘William Watkins’, New Welsh Review, March.

2014 A Study Room Guide to Remoteness, London: Live Art Development Agency.

2014 Under the Blanket of the Land: Radio Dreaming, a-n, March.

2014 ‘Richard Wilson and the Transformation of European Landscape Painting’, New Welsh Review, December.

2014 ‘Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood, illustrated by Peter Blake’, New Welsh Review, December.

2014 ‘The Truth About Art’, Times Higher Education. 16 October.

2014 ‘Reading Basquiat’, Times Higher Education, 26 September.

2014 ‘Van Gogh on Demand: China and the Readymade’, Times Higher Education, 10 July.

2014 ‘The Afterlife of Piet Mondrian’, Times Higher Education. 1 May.

2013 ‘Camouflage, Display, Dazzle: Christian Thompson’ in We Bury Our Own, London: Royal Academy of Art, np.

2013 ‘Finding A Different Way Home: Interview with Misha Myers’. In Merskimmon, M. & Row, D. C., eds. Women, the Arts and Globalization, Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 67-84.

2013 ‘The Practice of Space: Hayley Newman and Emily Speed’, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

2013 ‘Mellow Fruitfulness: brook & black’, Plot 16: The Fermenting Room, IXIA.

2013 ‘Buildings of the Forest: Outlandia’, Reforesting Scotland, 48, Autumn/Winter, pp. 26-27.

2013 ‘On the Tip of My Tongue’, Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 6:1, pp. 107-125.

2013 ‘Twitchers at the Art Historians Conference’, Association of Art Historians Bulletin.

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2012 ‘Consensual Art: Cyril Lepetit’, Wharf, Caen: Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie, pp. 478-497. French & English.

2012A Day in the Life of an Art Historian’, Association of Art Historians Bulletin.

2012 ‘Freelancing as an Art Historian’, Association of Art Historians Careers Guide.

2011 Split nik, Looking for Kukarkin, Kukarkin Emerging – series of online texts relating to a collaboration at the Moscow Biennale with Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas.

2010 ‘The Hysterical Sense of Leaking’. In Found, P. ed., The Body in Women’s Art: Part 2 Flux, London: ROLLO Contemporary Arts, pp. 19-28.

2010 ‘Pawel Althamer: Common Task’, exhibition review, a-n, March.

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2009 Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva: Gloucester Cathedral Project, Artsway.

2009 Editor, Wanderlust, Weimar: Bauhaus Universitat Weimar.

2009 Co-Editor, with Ratcliffe, H.; Smith, A.; Carpenter, E., Setting the Fell on Fire: Allenheads Contemporary Arts. Sunderland: Editions North.

2009 ‘Interview with Miranda Whall’. In Miranda Whall, DVD Publication, Filmarmalade.

2009 Tine Bech, Toronto: Open Studio, np.

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2007 Filmed interview with Marcus Coates, The Dawn Chorus. Bristol: Picture This. DVD Publication Series.

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2000 Editor, The Artist’s Body. London: Phaidon. Also reissued in abridged form and Foreign Language editions: French: hardback: 2005, paperback: 2011; Spanish: hardback: 2006, paperback: 2011; Italian: hardback: 2006, paperback: 2011; German: hardback: 2005; Korean: paperback: 2008.

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1987 Editor, Live Art Now, London: Arts Council of Great Britain.

1987 Editor, Performance Magazine, May/June, 47.