New newsletter and books giveaway

urinal Cluny
Urinal used for medical diagnosis, from the Cluny Museum, Paris

My latest newsletter has just been published. It includes news on my novel in progress, The Anarchy, depicting the continuing conflict between the Welsh and the Normans in the 12th century in the aftermath of the sinking of The White Ship, when King Henry I lost his heir.

The newsletter also includes items on my recent talks with writers and readers, my visual inspirations for writing from the Cluny Museum and news on two new guest blogposts coming up.

And finally there is a competition to win a free book by answering a simple question about Henry I.

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Non-human, non-animal seminar Z to A

A list of references for my presentation during the Non-human, Non-animal seminar held at the Museum of Nonhumanity, Helsinki on 24 September 2016. More on the seminar here.

Zooetics – Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Tracey Warr & Viktorija Siaulyte, in Frontiers in Retreat, 2014-2018

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River Runs – Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Tracey Warr & Giacomo Castagnola at Modern Art Oxford, 2012

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Pixelache Festival 2016: Interfaces for Empathy

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Outdoor Swimming Society

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Museum of Nonhumanity

Meanda – water novella by Tracey Warr (in English and French) and twitter fiction


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Exoplanet song


Tania Candiani Ear Trumpets Photo Yohann Gozard
Tania Candiani, Listening Sculpture in the Exoplanet Lot exhibition. Photo: Yohann Gozard.

For the Exoplanet Lot exhibition organised by MAGP, open in France now until 4 September, I collaborated with artist Tania Candiani on an ‘exoplanet song’. Tania installed this fabulous listening sculpture on the cliff top at Saint Cirq Lapopie above the Lot river. I adapted the lyrics of a medieval song written by the Comtesse de Dia and the song was recorded in Occitan and played in the valley. The Comtesse’s song was a love lament of a woman betrayed. My song is the voice of Earth lamenting that humans have left for an exoplanet. Here are my lyrics in English:

Of things I’d rather keep in silence I must sing

so bitter do I feel toward you

whom I love more than anything.


You left me for another planet,

my forests silent, my seas emptied.

Come home now. I have healed the scars you graved.


It’s not right another celestial body takes you away from me.

Remember how it was with us in the beginning!

Come home. We could still have much time together

Before the death throes of the sun begin.


I send you there, on your exoplanet,

this song as messenger and delegate.

Come home my lovers, my humans.

Exoplanet Fictions


In April and May I am going to be writer in residence at Maisons Daura in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in the Lot Valley, France for the Exoplanète Lot project organised by MAGP, Cajarc. The environment of the Lot Valley is imagined by the curators, Martine Michard and Rob La Frenais, as an alternative earth-like planet.

I plan to work on watery future fiction, to collaborate with visual artists and to organise future fiction workshops for adults and children. The other artists participating in the project are Tania Candiani, HeHe, Thomas Lasbouygues, Caroline Le Méhauté, Ludwig, Nahum Mantra, Angelika Markul.

Friday 13 May 6.30pm you can come along to meet the artists and see the work in progress at Residences Maisons Daura in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.

The Exoplanète Lot exhibition will open at MAGP, Maison Des Arts Georges Pompidou, in Cajarc on 2 July and run until 4 September. Full details in MAGP_prog_2016.

Maisons Daura, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie


The Surrealist Andre Breton spent sixteen summers in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, declaring it to be ‘his one place of enchantment …. I stopped wanting to be elsewhere …. The list of its charms is very far from exhausting the secret… each day on awakening, it seems to me that I open the window onto the richest of hours, not only of art but of nature and life’.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is also close to the Pech Merle caves and their prehistoric paintings.