Meanda Books

Meanda Books is my own publishing imprint, publishing my historical fiction, eco fiction and art writing. See the Meanda Books website for full details on my historical fiction, set in early medieval Europe and centred on strong female leads.

The Water Age & Other Fictions, The Water Age Art & Writing Workshops; and The Water Age Children’s Art & Writing Workshops are available as paperbacks and ebooks.

The Water Age books began life in an artist’s residency and exhibition project, Exoplanet Lot, organised in France by Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, Cajarc. I first published the future fiction novella Meanda in French and English as an e-book. Meanda is also available now in French as a paperback.

The workshops and fictions were added to as part of my work as an artist in Frontiers in Retreat, working with HIAP in Finland. I have continued to write watery future fiction and to run writing workshops at, for example, Hexham Book Festival and Allenheads Contemporary Arts and Matadero, Madrid.

Left to right: 1. Meanda e-book cover. (Photo: James A. Hudson); 2. Meanda texts installed on the River Lot path in Exoplanet Lot (Photo: Yohann Gozard); 3. Children’s water art workshop, Annantalo, Helsinki during a residency at HIAP; 4. Water writing workshop at HIAP, Suomenlinna, Finland; 5. Writing the Future storyboards, Allenheads Contemporary Arts; 6. Gyre, a text in progress for Matadero Madrid and Inland CAR (Photo: Yuri Tama); 7., 8., & 9. The Water Age books (book covers: James A. Hudson).