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The Drowned Court    conquest-book-cover

Conquest – The Drowned Court, Impress Books, 2017, on Amazon

Conquest – Daughter of the Last King, Impress Books, 2016, on Amazon

I am currently working on the final novel in the Conquest series, focussed on the life of Nest ferch Rhys, a Welsh princess who played a significant role in the struggles for power in Wales between the Welsh and the Normans in the 12th century.

Viking Hostage     Almodis

The Viking Hostage, Impress Books, 2014    buy from amazon

Almodis the Peaceweaver, Impress Books, 2011   buy from amazon

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Sant Pere del Burgal frescos originally sited in Pallars Sobira in the Pyrenees, and now in MNAC, Barcelona commissioned by and showing Lucia de la Marche

I am working on a biography of the medieval female lord Almodis de La Marche and her sisters, Raingarde and Lucia. I have received an Authors’ Foundation Award from the Society of Authors for work on this forthcoming book. My first novel, Almodis the Peaceweaver, was a fictionalised version of Almodis’ life.

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