The Midden


A new book, The Midden, edited by me and Jenni Nurmenniemi – in printing process now in Berlin.

Drawing on the Frontiers in Retreat 5 year art and ecologies research project. Essays by Emmi Itaranta, Jussi Parikka, Antti Salminen, Taru Elfving, Jenni Nurmenniemi and me. Fabulous design by Serge Rompza and NODE. Published by Garret Publications.

The Future of Education and Learning


Sun 29 April 12 noon at Hex (Studio 30), Dartington, Devon, UK

I am taking part in a public discussion on the future of education and learning as part of a weekend of events celebrating the lives of Carito and Marina Rodriguez who came to Britain as child refugees during the Spanish Civil War and went on to contribute hugely to life in Dartington and Totnes.

The discussion is focused on the ‘experiment in education’ at Dartington. It is chaired by Alan Boldon, Interim Director of Learning Innovation at Dartington, and the other participants are Mark Dunhill (former Dean of Art at Central Saint Martin’s College and Dartington School alumni) and Jonathan Dawson, Coordinator and Senior Lecturer at Schumacher College. I was previously Director of Arts Management and MA Contemporary Arts Course Leader at Dartington College of Arts and Guest Professor on the Public Art MFA at Bauhaus University in Weimar, which occupies the original Bauhaus site.

The event is free. Further details.



The Water Age – 3 new books for 2018

I have established a publishing imprint called Meanda Books to publish the three small books that are the outcome of my work in the Frontiers in Retreat art and ecology project. The books will be published in July. An expression of interest form is at the bottom of this post. The books are:


Green 20970-dd-246-HiRes cover


The Water Age and other Fictions

Paperback ISBN 9780995490215

ebook ISBN 9780995490222


Includes a revised, expanded version of Meanda, a future fiction novella about an ocean exoplanet. Octavio Paz meets J.G. Ballard meets David Attenborough in tales of hybrid species and aqua technologies. Inspired by spitting fish, spiders’ sticky lines, sliming snails, inking squids and singing whales.  [Image: James A. Hudson]

Ida Larsen, Writing with Water


The Water Age Art and Writing Workshops

Paperback ISBN 9780995490239

ebook ISBN 9780995490246

How might we live with more water in the future? Art and writing workshops relating to aquatic biomimicry, walking, swimming, maps, reading water environments, watery language. A wealth of playful exercises to produce art and writing focused on water.

1 Annantalo


The Water Age Children’s Art and Writing Workshops

Paperback ISBN 9780995490253

ebook ISBN 9780995490260

The water you drink has been through the bladder of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and many other places. The water on Earth is 4.4 billion years old and came here from outer space. The octopus has three hearts and its eyes can look in two separate directions.

What other facts can we find out about the behaviour of water?

What can we learn about aquatic flora and fauna?

What imaginative ideas can we have about living with more water?

The Water Age Children’s Art and Writing Workshops is a book for teachers, artists and writers who are working with children aged 8-11. The workshops focus on water and contemplate a possible future when we are living with more water.

The art workshop suggests drawing and painting waterscapes, building waterscapes in the classroom or playground, designing and making models for water living, creating simple films about water living. The writing workshop helps to develop a story about a future watery world, and suggests performing and recording a story, creating an exhibition or broadcast, or turning a story into a book.