Hnefatafl -Viking boardgame

Since characters in Dublin who appear in my novel trilogy, Conquest, play the Viking boardgame, hnefatafl, I was excited to see a 9th century set of glass pieces from the game in a fabulous exhibition of medieval glass at the Cluny Museum in Paris this week. I am giving illustrated talks on the Conquest novels…

Vikings in Villefranche

Friday 10 October 2014 in Villefranche-en-Rouergue in southern France. I gave a talk on my new novel, The Viking Hostage (Impress Books), at The English Library. A great audience with lots of good questions about researching and writing historical fiction.

THE VIKING HOSTAGE published 1 September 2014

My second novel, The┬áViking Hostage, will be published by Impress Books on 1 September 2014. The novel is set in 10th century Wales (modern day Pembrokeshire) and in the Limousin in France. It weaves together the lives of three women: a Norwegian slave and two French noblewomen, and considers the concepts of freedom and bravery….