Science Fiction and Real Science


Just posted a blog on the Zooetics website on the relationship between actual technological research and development and fictional technologies such as teleportation, telekinesis, and galactic language translators, or J.G. Ballard’s bio-engineered plants, insects, houses and clothes in Vermilion Sands. I’m compiling a list of sources for fictional technologies and future worlds relating to The Anthropocene. Your suggestions are welcome.


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Review of The Viking Hostage

A review of my new novel The Viking Hostage has just been published by The Bookbag.


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Watch Tomorrow’s Zooetics Lectures Live and Pose Questions to the Panel


Zooetics is a transdisciplinary research project unpacking, reevaluating and recombining the notions of Nature, Interspecies and Anthropocene.


It began last week with the first in a series of lectures and seminars at Kaunas University of Technology delivered by Christian Schwagerl, talking on The Anthropocene, and Natalie Jeremijenko on her art and engineering inventions addressing environmental and urban issues.

The second set of lectures are tomorrow, 12 December 2014, from Skylar Tibbits and Caleb Harper, both from MIT. You can watch the lectures live, or as podcasts. You can contribute questions live to our panel via Twitter. You can contribute to our online Reading Group. Details below.

Skylar Tibbits directs MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab developing self-assembly and programmable material technologies for new manufacturing, products and construction processes. Self-Assembly research will enable breakthroughs across biology, material science, software, robotics, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, construction, the arts, and space exploration. Skylar’s accolades include the Architectural League Prize, The Next Idea Award at Ars Electronica, the Visionary Innovation Award at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, a TED Senior Fellowship and named as a Revolutionary Mind in SEED Magazine.

Caleb Harper directs MIT’s CityFarm and leads an anti-disciplinary group of researchers including engineers, architects, urban planners, economists and plant scientists. CityFarm is researching the potential for large-scale aeroponics and hydroponics food production, aiming to contribute to fundamental agricultural change and develop high performance urban agricultural systems. Caleb is working on an open source platform of farming data to improve the evaluation of aeroponics and other farming methods. He was a Finalist in this year’s Innovation by Design Awards.

Live stream of lectures taking place Friday 12 December 2014 4pm-6.30pm UK time

You can contribute live questions to the panel via Twitter – use #Zooetics

The panel will take place 6pm-6.30pm UK time.

Or you can watch the lectures on our website later on. We invite you to interact with the project as it develops through our online Glossary and Reading Group: Zooetics

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Zooetics Lectures start today

141117_Zooetics_Logo-LONGZooetics Lecture Series starts today in Lithuania at Kaunas University of Technology with presentations by Christian Schwagerl and Natalie Jeremijenko. Interview with me  published today, including my attempt to respond to the great question: ‘What is the purpose of a writer in society today?’

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Dylan Thomas, Richard Wilson

Just published two new reviews on Under Milk Wood and the 18th century landscape painter Richard Wilson in the small, and perfectly formed, New Welsh Review. Check it out.

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Zooetics has just launched. It’s a research project on the frontier between human and other forms of life from mammals, to mollusks, to microbes. I am Zooetics writer in residence working with the art group Jutempus, who are based in Lithuania. Zooetics starts by unpacking the notions of ANTHROPOCENE, INTERSPECIES and NATURE with a series of public lectures at Kaunas University of Technology by leading international speakers from various disciplines: Christian Schwägerl, Natalie Jeremijenko, Skylar Tibbits, Caleb Harper, Timothy Morton, Jae Rhim Lee, and Territorial Agency. If you can get to Kaunas, book for the lectures via the website. They are free but booking is essential. If you’re not in Kaunas in December you can participate in an evolving online Glossary and Reading Group on the website.

@Zooetics on Twitter

Zooetics on Facebook

Zooetics is part of Frontiers in Retreat.

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A Study Room Guide to Remoteness

London Fieldworks, Outlandia

London Fieldworks, Outlandia

I have just written A Study Room Guide to Remoteness published by Live Art Development Agency. It contemplates what contemporary remoteness is – or where it is. The Guide describes books, articles and websites on artists who are engaging with remoteness.

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