Blog Tour: Conquest – Daughter of the Last King

Pembroke Castle, Wales, where one of the characters in my novel, Gerald FitzWalter foiled Welsh attackers who were besieging the castle. He made an insouciant pretence that he had a limitless supply of food inside the castle, by throwing half-eaten pig carcasses over the walls and leaving a faked letter where the Welsh rebels would find it. That’s a true story about him. He was a wily guy!

Latest blogpost published today in the blogtour for my new novel:

Portobello Books Blog

Earlier stops in the blogtour last week:

The Writing Desk

Jorie Loves A Story

The Mad Woman in the Attic

And others coming up soon with Wee Reader, The Cosy Reader and more. Thanks to the bloggers for hosting me and to my publicist at Impress Books, Natalie Clark, for organising it.

A bit sad that, at the moment, I can’t be in the UK and France (where I have lots of loyal readers!) to celebrate the launch of the book in person. I’m currently on a writing residency on a Finnish island and will be going to Iceland after this (so not so bad!). Looking forward to book launch events soon (more news on that coming later). It’s great, however, to be connecting with bloggers and readers all over the place via this Blog Tour.

The new novel, Conquest: Daughter of the Last King, is set in England and Wales at the turn of the 11th century. It focusses on the tumultuous experiences of a young Welsh noblewoman, Nest ferch Rhys, who is caught up in the struggle between the Welsh and the Normans. She is symbolically significant to both sides and the book aims to evoke her torn affections and loyalties and her efforts to regain control of her own destiny. The book is the first in a trilogy about Nest.


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  1. Enjoy the residency and Iceland. Does that mean you won’t be at Parisot? Looking forward to hearing about your book launch events.

    1. traceywarr says:

      No, I will make it back in time for the Parisot Literary Festival. Look forward to seeing you there.

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