Publication Day! The Water Age

My new books The Water Age 1, 2, 3 are published today by Meanda Books. The Water Age & Other Fictions is a collection of short future fictions. ‘Meanda’ takes place on an ocean exoplanet. ‘Asbrú’ tangles in the fronds of Icelandic algae. Other stories explore slime technologies. These fictions are spawned by aquatic flora and fauna, such as spitting fish, inking squids and singing whales, and above all, they are inspired by water itself. Available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and iBooks.

The second book, The Water Age Art & Writing Workshops, is a workbook for creative and playful engagements with the possibility that we may be living with more water in the future. The topic of water is explored through writing and art exercises that include aquatic biomimicry inventions, writing with maps, drawing inspirations from Vikings and taking watery words on adventures. Available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and iBooks.

The third book, The Water Age Children’s Art & Writing Workshops, was initially inspired by a workshop I ran at Modern Art Oxford with my sister. I built on the first workshop with a children’s art workshop in Helsinki and, then, with a writing workshop in a primary school in Haydon Bridge. With the participants I explored facts about the behaviour of water and about aquatic flora and fauna. For example: the water you drink has been through the bladder of a Tyrannosaurus rex and many other places; the water on Earth is 4.4 billion years old and came here from outer space; the octopus has three hearts and its eyes can look in two separate directions.

The Water Age Children’s Art & Writing Workshops is a book for teachers, artists and writers who are working with children aged 8–11. Workshop activities include drawing and painting waterscapes, building waterscapes in the classroom or playground, designing and making models for water living, creating simple films about water living and writing a story about a future watery world. Available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and iBooks.

Thanks to James A. Hudson for the lovely covers and thanks to HIAP and Frontiers in Retreat for supporting the publication of the books.

More information at Meanda Books.

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