Constant Gardening

Last day of my residency at Matadero Madrid. I’ve been following my nose through a research process for the Microhabitable project, working towards writing future fiction. The Microhabitable project is a study programme co-organised by Matadero, Inland CAR and Serpentine Galleries General Ecology programme. It considers issues of scale – macro and micro – in relation to ecological and social change. There are three artists in residency, four guest speakers leading seminars and 10 participants. I participated in the ecological economics weekend with Jose Manuel Naredo and the organisational aesthetics seminar with Sven Luttiken. With the 10 participants I’m working on recording a future fiction scenario in which there is no more extraction (of fossil fuels, minerals etc.). The scenario will be part of a podcast. In my studio in Matadero (above), I’ve been collecting source materials: texts and images encountered during my month in Madrid to mix together like compost and produce a rich humus to sprout a future fiction story. The story engages with the vast temporal and spatial scale of water’s journey through 4 billion years, outer space, Earth’s atmosphere, bodies of water in the landscape, biological waters, underground waters, geysers and volcanos, and the biosphere cycle of life, decomposition and life. Provisionally titled Constant Gardening and set in the Palacio de Cristal de Arganzuela, a short version of the story will be published by Matadero in February and a longer version is coming soon, published with Inland CAR.

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