Murder, lies and art

Sant Pere del Burgal in the Pyrenees, which housed important frescos

Currently researching for the medieval murder mystery I’m writing and discovering that the range of potential murderous motives at the end of the 11th century in the Toulouse/Pyrenees area are legion.

The establishment of the lucrative pilgrim route to Compostela; the salt trade; papal policy over reform, reconquest in Spain and pressure on aristocratic consanguineous marriages, adultery and simony; power struggles between Toulouse and Aquitaine and between the Christian rulers of northern Spain are all contenders for a murder motive. It is juicy stuff, providing plenty of potential red herrings as well as the real reason for the murder.

There is also masses of interesting art history and poetic tradition to delve into, which is always part of my writing – with cathedral building, chapel frescos and the troubadours.

The chapel of Santa Maria de la Serra in the Pyrenees
Santa Eulalia d’Alendo, Pyrenees

The title image is Santa Maria de Gerri de la Sal in the Pyrenees, which profited from a nearby salt mine.

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