New video review of Conquest

I just came across this video book review of my Conquest trilogy by the Mental Traveler. Thank you!

The Conquest trilogy centres on the turbulent life of the 12th century Welsh noblewoman, Nest ferch Rhys, who was the daughter of the last independent Welsh king during the Norman invasions.

She was the mistress of the Norman king Henry I; then married to the Norman steward of Pembroke Castle, Gerald FitzWalter; then kidnapped by the Welsh prince Owain ap Cadwagn. After Gerald died she was married to the Norman constable of Cardigan Castle, Stephen de Marais.

My trilogy follows Nest and her Flemish friends, Haith, Sheriff of Pembroke and his sister, Benedicta, who is a nun in Normandy.

The books in the trilogy are:

Daughter of the Last King

‘The drawbridge came down and I ventured in, I was not disappointed. The level of detail and care and attention which has gone into this novel is spellbinding, the story of Nest is complex and multi-layered but reads like a charm it’s a brilliantly woven tapestry of historical intrigue where I felt as if I’d been part of the novel, and part of Nest’s life and I missed her for a while afterwards.’ (The Book Trail)

The Drowned Court

The Anarchy

all published by Impress Books.

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