postersx2wwA Chapter Away – Writing Worlds

21-27 May 2017

Residential course in rural Gascony, France, with award-winning novelists, Tracey Warr and Natalie Meg Evans, and guests: novelist Rachel Hore, Richard Willis from Impress Books, and literary consultant Alex Hammond.

Triskele Books are currently featuring a free creative writing exercise on plotting and structure set by me. You might also like to look at the exercises set by other writers which include story fundamentals and the essence of character.

Ste Mere Castle, Gascony, France
Ste Mere Castle, Gascony




Writing at the Castle

Post by Louise Mangos about my workshop and others at the Castle.




A nice post on one of my workshops with writers groups published here by Vanessa Couchman.

I have delivered creative writing workshops for adults and children in France and the UK. My recent workshops have included a future fiction workshop at a primary school in Northumberland; adult workshops with the Parisot Writers Group, for Writing at the Castle and A Chapter Away in France; a Mapping, Walking, Writing Workshop in Scotland and at UK universities including University of Wales, South Bank University, Reading University, London Metropolitan University and Lincoln University.

I was formerly a university senior lecturer in the UK and continue as a Research Associate and PhD Supervisor at Oxford Brookes University. I am currently teaching art history for St Francis University Study Abroad programme at The Priory in Ambialet, France.

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