Non-human, non-animal seminar Z to A

A list of references for my presentation during the Non-human, Non-animal seminar held at the Museum of Nonhumanity, Helsinki on 24 September 2016. More on the seminar here.

Zooetics – Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Tracey Warr & Viktorija Siaulyte, in Frontiers in Retreat, 2014-2018

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Pixelache Festival 2016: Interfaces for Empathy

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Museum of Nonhumanity

Meanda – water novella by Tracey Warr (in English and French) and twitter fiction


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What comprises non-human life?

Photo: Nomeda Urbonas
Photo: Nomeda Urbonas

An article and extracts from my novella MEANDA have just been published on the Zooetics website. Zooetics is part of the 5 year Frontiers in Retreat art research project. With artists Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas and curator Viktorija Siaulyte, I have been exploring radical future potentialities for interspecies relations and notions of Nature.

Inspired by JG Ballard’s fictional living plant technologies, the Zooetics team has been working with mycelium – the extraordinary mushroom roots network. In MEANDA I made water one of the protagonists in a future fiction story set on an exoplanet.

Zooetics is a word coined to gesture at poetic, artistic, fictional, playful approaches to all life. Mycelium is certainly living. Is water?

I’m currently working with HIAP curator, Jenni Nurmenniemi, to develop a seminar which will take place in Helsinki in September and consider the question of non-human life within the context of the Museum of Nonhumanity.

New exoplanet novella published

excite par cetteThe Exoplanet Lot exhibition, organised by MAGP, opens tonight. Visitors will go on an expedition to artworks sited in the Lot Valley, France. The MAGP gallery in Cajarc features works by Tania Candiani and Angelika Markul. From there, visitors travel by bus and bike to works in the landscape by Thomas Lasbouygues, Caroline Le Mehaute, HeHe, and my site on the long-distance GR36 footpath running beside the river Lot. Finally there are late night performances and exhibitions in Saint Cirq Lapopie by Ludwig, Tania Candiani and Nahum Mantra.

The exhibition runs until 4 September.


Meanda CoverMy ebook novella, Meanda, is published today for the start of the exhibition and available from Amazon. Full details on the Meanda website.

Follow the story on Twitter in daily doses until 4 September on @Meanda55555

Zoo Stories – Creative Writers – Call for participation

Writers including Karen Joy Fowler, Franz Kafka and Ian McEwan have used fiction to reach across the human/non-human life divide. As part of the Zooetics project, we are developing radio broadcasts inspired by Kaunas Zoo, incorporating short fiction texts by creative writers based in Lithuania. Engaging with animals at the zoo, talking with zookeepers and other staff with an intimate knowledge of the zoo inhabitants, the writers might consider animal sensorium, extinction, animal architectures and other topics inspired by the zoo. Texts can be written in Lithuanian or English.

The first part of the project will take place on Saturday 3 October 2015 10am – 12 noon at the zoo. If you are interested in participating please email, with ZOO STORIES as the subject of your email, no later than 28 September 2015.

The role of the writer in contemporary society

141113_Zooetics_press_NEW10I did an interview in Lithuania late last year and thought it worth posting a link to it today since the interviewer, Aldona Steponavičiūtė, asked some excellent questions about writing and contemporary society:

If that whets your appetite at all do hunt around the Zooetics website which is a rich resource on imagining future biosphere-friendly, organic technologies. There is a glossary, bibliography, links to podcasts and to the Zooetics Facebook site.