New exoplanet novella published

excite par cetteThe Exoplanet Lot exhibition, organised by MAGP, opens tonight. Visitors will go on an expedition to artworks sited in the Lot Valley, France. The MAGP gallery in Cajarc features works by Tania Candiani and Angelika Markul. From there, visitors travel by bus and bike to works in the landscape by Thomas Lasbouygues, Caroline Le Mehaute, HeHe, and my site on the long-distance GR36 footpath running beside the river Lot. Finally there are late night performances and exhibitions in Saint Cirq Lapopie by Ludwig, Tania Candiani and Nahum Mantra.

The exhibition runs until 4 September.


Meanda CoverMy ebook novella, Meanda, is published today for the start of the exhibition and available from Amazon. Full details on the Meanda website.

Follow the story on Twitter in daily doses until 4 September on @Meanda55555

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