Zooetics has just launched. It’s a research project on the frontier between human and other forms of life from mammals, to mollusks, to microbes. I am Zooetics writer in residence working with the art group Jutempus, who are based in Lithuania. Zooetics starts by unpacking the notions of ANTHROPOCENE, INTERSPECIES and NATURE with a series of public lectures at Kaunas University of Technology by leading international speakers from various disciplines: Christian Schwägerl, Natalie Jeremijenko, Skylar Tibbits, Caleb Harper, Timothy Morton, Jae Rhim Lee, and Territorial Agency. If you can get to Kaunas, book for the lectures via the website. They are free but booking is essential. If you’re not in Kaunas in December you can participate in an evolving online Glossary and Reading Group on the website.

@Zooetics on Twitter

Zooetics on Facebook

Zooetics is part of Frontiers in Retreat.

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