The medieval Welsh Helen of Troy?

My new novel Conquest: Daughter of the Last King is published by Impress Books next week and is the first in a trilogy about Nest ferch Rhys – the daughter of the last independent Welsh king at the end of the 11th century. Nest is a controversial historical figure. She  makes significant appearances in medieval…

Interview with novelist Hazel Gaynor

My interview with novelist Hazel Gaynor has just been published on The Displaced Nation website. Gaynor’s new novel, The Girl from the Savoy, conjures up a vivid picture of London and social change in the 1920s.

The Write Stuff

This interesting article, lf-the-write-stuff-aug-16 , on writers and writing groups in France by Vanessa Couchman, published in Living France magazine, includes an interview with me.

Living in Greece

My interview with Marjory McGinn has just been published by The Displaced Nation. She talks about her experiences of living in Greece which inspired her memoir trilogy, culminating in A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree. For a chance of a free book read the interview.

Conquest – new book cover

The cover of my new historical novel, Conquest: Daughter of the Last King. The book will be published by Impress Books on 1st October. This is the first novel in a trilogy, telling the story of Nest ferch Rhys who was the daughter of the last independent Welsh king during the struggle between Welsh and…

Exoplanet Meanda

New photos of my installation and novella, Meanda, for the Exoplanet Lot exhibition,  in France which runs until 4 September. For more details see: Maisons des Arts Georges Pompidou Exoplanet Lot, Exoplanet Europe, Exoplanet Earth Meanda Also don’t miss Meanda on Twitter daily until 4 September. Photos by Yohann Gozard.

What comprises non-human life?

An article and extracts from my novella MEANDA have just been published on the Zooetics website. Zooetics is part of the 5 year Frontiers in Retreat art research project. With artists Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas and curator Viktorija Siaulyte, I have been exploring radical future potentialities for interspecies relations and notions of Nature. Inspired by…

The Write Stuff in France

An article on English writers living in France, featuring an interview with me, has just been published in the August issue of Living France magazine. It includes information on writers groups, the Writing at the Castle writing workshops, literary festivals in France including Parisot and Charroux, and The English Library in Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Meanda – a novella about a watery exoplanet

My new novella, Meanda, about a watery exoplanet, has just gone off to the French translator. It will be published in English and French as an ebook on 1 July 2016 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon. More on Lot Valley Log.