Struck gold!

17-year-old William Adelin, heir to the English throne, who died in the sinking of The White Ship in November 1120, along with 300 other young Norman nobles, including two more of the king’s children.

A review of my latest historical novel The Anarchy has just been published. The Anarchy is the final book in the Conquest trilogy on the turbulent life of the 12th century Welsh noblewoman Nest ferch Rhys. “When Warr delved into Welsh history and discovered Nest, she must have known she’d struck gold.” Historical Novels Review

Nest was the daughter of the last independent Welsh king, Rhys ap Tewdwr. Her father and two brothers were killed by invading Normans. She was mistress of the Norman king Henry I, kidnapped by a Welsh prince, and much more besides. In The Anarchy, Sheriff Haith explores the mystery of the sinking of The White Ship in the English Channel with the king’s heir onboard. Nest and Haith’s story involves a female Welsh warrior, a bard spy, a renegade nun, goldmines, and the struggle for the throne between Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda and her cousin Stephen.

You can buy books from my publisher Impress at 10% discount this month in celebration of World Book Day or choose to forego your discount and donate a free book to a charity working with refugees.

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