Second career novelist

The Conquest trilogy based on the true story of the Welsh noblewoman, Nest ferch Rhys.

Three years ago I was launching my fourth historical novel set in early medieval Europe, The Drowned Court and M.K. Tod interviewed me about being a second career novelist. We talked about my journey from being a contemporary art curator and critic, to an art history academic, to a historical novelist and how I used elements of that journey in my fiction.

In the three year interim since that interview, I returned for a while to academia helping to launch the new Arts School at Dartington and this last year I have had the delightful ‘task’ of teaching on MA Poetics of Imagination with Martin Shaw. My ‘second career’ came full circle and I was able to use my medieval research for fiction writing in my academic work.

Soon, I am heading back to more focus on fiction writing again. I recently published the sequel to The Drowned Court. The latest novel is called The Anarchy. I thought the interview could bear reposting. Thanks for great questions M.K. Tod.

Cover image shows Brousse Le Chateau in the Tarn Valley, southern France, where I was first inspired to start writing medieval fiction 15 years ago. I revisited the village last week.

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